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Welcome to Lavalova…

Lavalova is created by Vlada Korolova as a positive creative space to publish all things arty and inspiring. Here I will just give into the creative process and see how it unfolds :) I struggle to focus on a single topic, one thing I know – this space is inspired by beauty.

‘I believe we were all made creative. I feel like I am not living to the full when I am neglecting my passion for art. I would like to develop as an artist, I would like to collaborate and learn. Sharing work is tough when one strives for quality, but I would like to start somewhere – no where near perfect, with flaws and mistakes, somewhat afraid of criticism. As I think without practice one cannot improve and grow! ‘

The name Lavalova is simply coined from Vladys(lava) Koro(lova). It seems like all short, cool and hip names are taken and so the new one had to be made up by engaging friends’ brain powers.

Meet Vlada..


Vlada resides in sunny Dublin, Ireland. She is Ukrainian born, and somewhat Irish cut. As a teenager with her parents V moved to Ireland during the Celtic Tiger years and they settled in Dublin. She completed school and got her Honours Degree in Leisure Management here. V is a Romana Pilates teacher and she has been working in health and fitness industry since 17 years old. V has a varied skill set including personal training and sports massage therapy.

Her interests are varied too. V loves arts and dabbles into different art forms – painting, photography and dance. She also enjoys many other activities and sports like snowboarding, surfing, salsa and a lot of good eating!

Recently for a year off, Vlada didn’t go travelling, but decided to experience living in New York. Here V completed a 600 hour apprenticeship and qualified as Romana Pilates teacher. In New York she also met a bunch of amazing people, explored places like Brooklyn and Harlem, riffed through museums, theatres and studied a few things along the way: intensive dance training program and a photography course. Ate a lot of cheesecake and bagels too! Phew, a year off was fun! :)

Nice to meet you folks, positive vibes to all!


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