Video project in collaboration with Park East Pilates, NYC



Oh my, how exciting!?

Never have I ever made any types of videos, till this very moment!

So this amazing friend of mine Sharyl, who is very passionate about Pilates and is a studio owner at Upper East Side NYC, showed me the prints she made. These very pretty, cute prints and posters of Joseph Pilates in his classical attire, wearing just his black, tight shorts, doing the original classical matwork part of his Pilates system!

The prints are so beautiful, that even without advertising studios around the world have managed to find Sharyl and buy prints to decorate and adorn their studios’ walls.

As soon as I saw them, I thought there must be a good way of sharing this awesome work with the world. Firstly this is simply beautiful art work, so even if your not into Pilates and you can’t care less about it, but love appreciating beautiful design – you must see the vidoes! Secondly, they show original exercises in classical order, all correctly performed, which is so incredibly rare in this day and age. Nowadays there is so many mixed messages and wrong perceptions of Pilates and what it is… its like yoga, its relaxing stretches, its for girls (all statements are a myth).

The result of our creative collaboration are these fun little motion stop videos I hope you will enjoy!

Visit Sharyl’s website,



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