Sun Baby

Hey People! How is it going?

This grey rainy doom outside makes me paint Sun Babes from under the sun of Cote d Azur, all shiny from zero factor tanning oil, soaking up the UV rays, while laying on the private beach or rollerblading down the promenade!

While it is so grey & wet here, unlike the ladies in South of France, I will continue thinking about work outs (& rollerblading in my dreams), while laying under the blankets with a cup of Barry’s watching Netflix! By the way Chef’s Table – some of those episodes are sublime!

I’m just going to keep hopes alive for one of those rare occasions of Irish summers to come by quicker. When sun comes out here, its all green and blue, Californian paradise. Sheep jumping everywhere, cyclists shouting to get out of the way because he is racing at a speed of light home from work, you miserable pedestrian. Okay maybe I lied about the sheep, but it gets so wild and happy here! Even if it is chilly but sunny out, everyone wears shorts and sandals for a day and has beers outside the pubs (aka dinner).

In the meantime, I paint and I hope! Here is a dramatic sun babe with wet hair all brushed back, to transport us into summer vibes.

sun babe

A bien tot!


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