Side Street Audrey

Just the other sunny day I went for a walk in town and met the one and only – a legendary movie icon, charming Audrey Hepburn.

Hey Audrey?! Whatcha doing over here in this shady place, lady? audrey hiding 2

She was strangely ‘hanging around’ a side street. Despite the unfortunate side street circumstances she didn’t fail to impress! I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was glancing from above at passers by with her aristocratic yet moving glance…PS how do you like my poetic vocabularly, I try!

Her iconic elegance was shining even through a ripped paper poster, hanging on the brick wall in dingy Dublin side street…

Anyhow the question remains, why would somebody stick her up there? A lady is not aught to be ‘hanging around’ places like that. Ah stop it, I don’t count, in a dream world no finishing school would even let me enrol.

To make the matters even worse City Council recently replaced green plant boxes with a huge container to restrict Audrey’s view (sad face).Yet she is keeping her nose up and glancing from above, go-go Audrey! For a happy ending to Audrey’s dreary looking circumstances I decided to conclude on a bright note. Just to fluff up the post, ya know.

Here is it goes, the big conclusion to what I write – Don’t let your circumstances define you, cheer up and keep on moving! The legendary woman herself was full of inspiring quotes, coincidence?!

‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible! – Audrey Hepburn’

Lets get inspired and rock the week ahead, yay! I love Mondays so much, Mondays should be made illegal.

audrey paint 1(sketch attempt – watercolour on paper)

Have you seen her?  What does your eye catch when you walk around the city?

That’s all for todayz! Peace, folks!



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